"Nomade" 35' Dufour Performance Cruiser

Dufour 35 "Nomade" Rates with licensed captain: 
Location: Branford/ Thimble Islands, Connecticut
$150/hour for 6 people Minimum 3 hour. Add. $100/person over 6.
Full day rate: $1000 for 8 hours/4 people. Add. $100/person over 4. 
Weekends and Holidays:
$200/hour for 6 people Minimum 3 hour. Add. $100/person over 6.
Full day rate: $1200 for 8 hours/6 people. Add. $100/person over 6.

Location: Sag Harbor/ Hamptons, New York
$200/hour for 6 people Minimum 4 hour. Add. $100/person over 6.
Full day rate: $1500 for 8 hours/6 people. Add. $100/person over 6. 
Customary 15%-20% gratuity not included. 
Rain Date: due to weather conditions, we will be glad to reschedule if you decide to postpone your evening cruise or give you a full deposit refundA deposit is required in advance for all our cruises. Paypal, Check or Cash.

Nomade (French for Nomad) was originally commissioned in 1982 for Mr. Bruno Bich (Bic Corp.) whose family at the time owned the Dufour Shipyard in Brittany, France. 

Nomade was equipped with mumerous enhancements (bigger keel and engine, all rigging extras for racing/cruising). I purchased the boat in 1993 and since then many upgrades and replacements were performed.
Nomade offers a rare combination found in a 35' sailboat:

  • Performance sailing: all the rigging equipment needed to tune your sails/rig and make your boat go faster combined with a fast upwind/downwind hull design.
  • Cruising comfort: a practical cockpit design combined with a cozy interior, entirely finished with wood veneer for a very warm atmosphere.
  • Solid quality construction: Nomade was built with durability and safety in mind.
  • Designer: Johan Valentijn who designed a few boats for the America's cup and while working with Dufour designed the 4800 -
  • Specs: Length: 10.40m (34'.10") - Beam: 3.40m - Draft: 6'5"
  • Model: DufourV35 TM 4800
  • For full specs and extensive list equipment, please see PDF below
    Download this file (Dufour V35 TM 4800 Specs.pdf)Dufour V35 TM 4800 Specs.pdf[Nomade Dufour V35 TM 4800 Full Specs 2013]644 kB

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