Sail Coaching on your boat


Once upon a time, sailing had to be learn the hard way by going to school for a week or more. attend classroom courses and practice on the water.
While it is still a great way to learn how to sail, those courses have some drawbacks: it requires time, money and the courses are not tailored for you but for a whole group with various skill levels.

Welcome to Sail Coaching, courses are tailored for you, taking care of the essentials while addressing your goals and expectations.You pick the time, the number of hours per session and the skill to be learned and we take care of the rest. You can come alone or with your family and we can coach on our boats or yours. We make sailing easy and fun.

Rates: $125/hour/person - $150/hour for 2 attendees- Weekdays only.
Session starts when boat leaves the dock to return. Driving time must be within 15' from Branford. Minimum session is 2 hours.

Carol and Chan who after 10 hours of basic sailing instruction sailed safely from Branford to Maine without major incidents but a few great memories, great job guys!
  • Learn how to use your sailboat: you just bought a sailboat and you need advice on how to use it, make it sail faster or maintain it?
    Our 40 year experience can really save you time and money.
    We can help you at many different levels such as (but not limited to):
    docking, sail tunning, rigging, interior or exterior improvements, safety checks, a better understanding on how your boat works and how to maintain the essentials such as the engine, water systems, AC, fridge, sails, bottom and much more.
    GIve us a call so we discuss your needs and help.
  • Buoy racing: this is the best entry level way to get familiar with your local racing, you will meet a bunch of nice people and if you have a boat, learn how to make your boat sail faster. We managed the Branford Around The Buoys sailing group for 15 years, click for more details