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Boat / Sailboat Consulting

Interested in buying a new or used sailboat?
Can’t decide which one is best for your needs, racing, cruising, day sailer, cruiser, performance cruiser, family oriented, etc…?
In my 40 year experience of sailing and teaching, I have seen many people buying the wrong sailboat especially if this is their first time.

This is a buyer’s market, with so many new and used boats available on the market, I understand the complexity in finding the right boat.

This is how we proceed.

  1. Fully understand what kind of sailing you want to do. This is the most important step. Taking into consideration family, budget, maintenance costs, your individual goals and long term usage.
  2. We will recomment you selected models used or new to search for on the market, we can help with the search but most of the search is done by you to keep the cost down.
  3. Once you have selected the lucky candidates (no more than 5), we can give you our advice based on pictures and specs available.
  4. If the boat is within driving distance, we can make a visual assessment with you and point the pros and cons relative to the asking price to determine if this is a rare find or not. 
  5. Unlike yacht brokers, our only interest is to make sure you buy the right boat.
  6. Once you have purchased the perfect boat, we can help you with any advice or work needed on the boat whether you need sails, rigging, engine, electronics or even which marina or boat yard to choose from.
  7. We develop a great relationship with our clients and we continue to advise them whenever needed over the years.

Our rates are hourly based ($100) and depend on the size and type of boat you are looking for. (no minimum hours required)
From experience, most of our consulting projects have ranged between $500-$1,000 which is minimal if you are buying a boat worth $25,000 or more. 

Please call me for a free consultation or discuss your needs at (203) 512 7751 or email:


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$200 deposit will secure your sailing cruise, 100% refundable in case of bad weather. Balance to be paid before sailing cruise ends. 10%-15% gratuity is not included and always appreciated. After this transaction, you will be redirected to our Contact Page. Thank you.

NOTE: You can also use VENMO (no fees): Send deposit to: @Eric-Treu-1

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