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Once upon a time, sailing had to be learn the hard way by going to school for a week or more. attend classroom courses and practice on the water.
While it is still a great way to learn how to sail, those courses have some drawbacks: it requires time, money and the courses are not tailored for you but for a whole group with various skill levels.

Welcome to Sail Coaching, courses are tailored for you, taking care of the essentials while addressing your goals and expetations.You pick the time, the number of hours per session and the skill to be learned and we take care of the rest. You can come alone or with your family and we can coach on our boats or yours. We make sailing easy and fun.

  • One on one sailing course per hour: $150/person (includes boat and captain) – $90/hour/person for 2 attendees- Weekdays rates only.
    Session starts when boat leaves the dock to return. Minimum session is 2 hours. All our courses listed below except for group sessions are priced at the same hourly rate.
  • Basic Sailing courses: the very basic principles of sailing so you can understand how a sailboat runs with sails. Includes docking, steering, sail trimming, safety and security at sea, tides, wind, weather and more
  • Advanced Sailing courses: you know the basics but now you want more, for example how to use a spinnaker, better steer your boat, best angle of sails for your boat, fine tune and trim your sails. etc.
  • Sail Racing Courses: anything you need to know to take first place at your next regatta. Your boat or ours. Topics includes: getting the right crew, start sequence, understand and follow racing rules, advanced sail trimming, spinnaker sets, course tactics and more.
  • Custom Sailing Courses: custom means we will teach you anything you like as long as you let us know in advance so we can prepare the course and materials. Topics may include: navigation, weather prediction, GPS navigation, boat maintenance, boat mechanics, diesel engine crash course, etc.
  • NEW! Group Sailing Course Instruction: Although our format is more geared for one on one instruction, we do get more and more requests for group sessions. If you are interested in a group session, please send us an e-mail with:
    • your sailing level
    • your sailing objectives
    • a time frame and dates of when you would like to start and be available
    • Based on the above, we will try to accommodate your request. We will take no more than 4 persons at the time to maintain a high level of instruction. Cost: $50 per hour per person based on 4 attendees.


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$200 deposit will secure your sailing cruise, 100% refundable in case of bad weather. Balance to be paid before sailing cruise ends. 10%-15% gratuity is not included and always appreciated. After this transaction, you will be redirected to our Contact Page. Thank you.

NOTE: You can also use VENMO (no fees): Send deposit to: @Eric-Treu-1

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